Our Critters

At Fat Toaster Farm we raise registered Jacob Sheep, an old chicken, and well-cared-for barn cats.

In the past we have raised Scottish Highland cattle, Silver Fox rabbits, and heritage chicken & turkeys. Our sheep are registered through the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association, of which we are lifetime members and have served on the board of directors. Click the link below to find out more:


Here are some photos in remembrance of some favorite critters that are no longer at the farm.

Penny and Touch standing out in the first snow of winter '09

During our first two years of farming we had Highland Cattle. These two beauties were Penny and Touch.

Zach with highland cow babies

These were the two Highland cow babies that were born on our farm. Solsti and Clover. 

Nixon (our first ram, center) with our first three ewes, Baby, Roberta, and Cecilia.

Sally Dog

Hillside Thea’s Cecilia

North Wind Jasmine

North Wind Jasmine – Photo credit: Peg Becker

Lucy the English Mastiff