Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do farm tours?

A: On occasion we are willing to schedule an appointment to allow visitors to come see the sheep and take photos. However, we are not a tourist site, we are not open to the public, we are a working farm, the entire property is not child-proof, and we are very busy people (farming is not our full-time job). There are many farms that provide petting zoos and other attractions within a short driving distance of our farm. I recommend that unless you have a specific interest in Jacob Sheep, us as human beings, or our farming/conservation efforts, please seek entertainment elsewhere.

Q: Are you a store?

A: We do sell forged and wool fiber products on Etsy. Click here to visit our Etsy shop. We do not have a store on site, and we are not open to the public. Our products are not on display. If you wish to purchase locally or make a custom order, you can try to contact us via email or phone. If you want to casually browse our current available products, check out our Etsy Store or visit us at the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan each August where we sell our products at the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association booth.

Q: I am a pastor. Can you bring a sheep to my church for a Christmas living nativity/Easter Sunday sermon illustration/etc.? Can you do it for free?

A: Probably no. Can we do it for free? That is a big no, and absurd of you to ask (yes we have been asked that many times). Please ask yourself: Do you have a budget in place of at least $1000? Then maybe we can talk. Why so much? Because bringing livestock to a non-farm location and setting up proper care for the animal(s) is an extensive and stressful process. It often requires special training for the animals, as well as special devices for containment and safety. That isn’t cheap. My time isn’t cheap. The animals aren’t cheap. Please don’t be that church/pastor that treats people and their hard work as cheap.

Q: Do you have sheep for sale?

A: Typically lambs are available for sale as registered/unregistered breeding stock starting around July 1. We usually offer a limited number of custom cut locker lambs in the late autumn (end of October). We also work together with other area Jacob breeders to compile starter flocks for those interesting in new efforts with Jacob Sheep. We do not often have adult sheep for sale, and generally sheep are not available for sale during winter and spring seasons. It is best to look at the appropriate seasons listed above and contact us nearby those times to make your specific arrangements. We do not allow killing or butchering on-site.