A connection to the earth, a presence in the community.

Fat Toaster Farm is located in the overlapping suburban and rural “Cedar Rock” area just north of Rockford, Michigan. We’re committed to doing all we can to grow ethical produce and meat for our table, alongside sharing fiber arts, animal husbandry, food, and opportunities for education with our community.  Here is how you can support us in that effort:
Zach on tractor

Zach with Gabriel

Try your hand at making your own yarn with this handspinning starter kit!

drop spindle packageIncludes an 8oz. ball of wool roving* and one handmade wooden drop spindle. This is the perfect package for you or that crafty person in your life who wants to try making their own yarn at a very reasonable price! Drop spindle spinning is an ancient and easy process to master (click here for a YouTube video that demonstrates). Get yours today! Per kit $40/each – Call/Email us for local purchase or click here to visit our Etsy store and order yours today!

*Wool roving is available in an assortment of colors (black, white, grey, brown, etc.) and breed originations (Jacob, Shetland, Corriedale). You can choose from any in-stock roving!


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